Creating a stronger connection between
Creativity, Innovation & Engineering Education 

Creative Engine Project

Creativity and Innovation skills are fundamental to all academic disciplines, business practices and societal growth. Despite companies stating they need innovation-ready graduates, few institutions can deliver on this requirement. There is therefore a recognised disconnect between creativity, innovation and technical subjects such as engineering. This is borne principally from the current focus of teaching engineering in a deeply technical way, rather than opening the subject up to embrace creativity and new innovative thought. This disconnect means young engineers are often ill-prepared to meet the demands of modern business and industry and are not equipped with the multidisciplinary skillset needed to tackle problems and generate solutions.

Now more than ever we need to prepare our students so they can embrace change, manage disruption and be open to new ideas that promote innovation and active participation in a knowledge-based society. Creative Engine recognises the value of teaching the discipline of innovation and the process of creativity in addition to technical learning. We also recognise the role of educators in equipping young professionals with both the technical and creative skill set required to develop novel and effective technological solutions. Creative Engine provides individual learners, educators, and businesses with the training solutions they need to embrace creativity and new innovative thought.